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Why door number signs can help your home stand out

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Having a beautiful garden is one of the best ways to make your home stand out. However, if you’d like to focus on the building itself, there are lots of other ways to give your home kerb appeal.

You could focus on the finish of your home, such as using cladding or paint on the walls, keeping windows in good condition, or sprucing up the driveway. These are all pretty major projects, but one often overlooked yet simple feature that can make your home stand out is the door number sign.

While it’s usually considered as something practical and functional, door number signs are a great feature when it comes to showcasing the aesthetics of your home. With the right style and sign, your door number can reveal a lot about your personality and add character to your house. Best of all, door number signs are always very visible and often one of the first things that people see.


Choosing door number signs

When it comes to choosing a door number sign, you’ll find that there are lots of different options available. Services such as Signomatic provide a range of different sizes, colours and styles, which you can choose between and customise. You can play around until you find something you like in a style and design that fits well with your home.


Standard house numbers are the most common type of sign. They’re usually fixed to the front door, in a position where they can be easily seen from the street. However, these aren’t the only type of signs you can find. There are also street and number signs, which provide a bit more information. Additionally, some people choose to name their house, giving it a name that fits the building or that has personal significance.


Features your door number should have

Before you choose a door number for your home, make sure you consider the most important features. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • A suitable material – Door number signs are positioned outside, on your front door. As a result, they need to be hardwearing and long-lasting. If they’re going to be exposed to the elements such as cold, rain and sun, they need to be sturdy and well made. You can find door number signs in lots of different materials, including plastic, metal, wood and ceramic. The material you choose should also complement the exterior finish of your home.
  • The right information – When you buy a house number, you’ll be able to enter your information to ensure it’s correct. Some people opt for a simple number, while others go for the street name and house name too. You can put what you like on there, provided the signmaker allows it. Double check that everything is correct before you buy – you don’t want to accidentally use the wrong number!
  • A readable size – While your sign is important for aesthetic reasons, it’s also very important for receiving deliveries and post. You need to make sure that your door number is of a suitable size so that it can be read easily from the street. All of the information should be easy to read from a distance, as this will help people find your home.
  • A good font – Aside from being the right size, the font used can also have a big impact on readability. Some fonts are much easier to read than others, while some can make numbers look a little strange. Be sure to test out the font before you agree on it, making sure it’s still easy to read.

Fixing your sign to your door

Once you’ve chosen a good sign, all that’s left is to fix it to your door. Most sign services will include fixings, and you can often choose a specific colour to match the sign. Be sure to attach it in a position that’s well-lit and unobstructed to get maximum impact and practicality.

Does your door number sign reflect your home’s character?

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