What style of bed is best for a small room?

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Small bedrooms don’t have the luxury of space, so ideally the style of bed you choose should be as compact as possible.

A divan or ottoman bed is the best solution for small bedrooms, because the base is the same size as the mattress with no protruding frame.

Another way to give the impression of more space in a small bedroom is to get a low bed frame. Low bed frames eat up less visual space and can make a bedroom feel bigger. This trick of the eye is a favourite with interior designers.

If you’d like to go for a standard bed frame, metal works best. The legs tend to be thinner than wooden beds, so they don’t take up as much space.

In terms of styles, modern bed styles work well in small bedrooms. A grey base and headboard for a divan or a white metal frame are great options. Avoid darker colours as these absorb light and can make a bedroom feel cramped.

Other options include day beds for guest rooms and studies, and guest beds for children’s rooms. Here’s everything you need to know to make the right choice for your home.

Pictured: Grey Milan Bed Company Hollywood Ottoman Bed (available from Bedstar)

Divans and ottomans

Divans and ottoman beds have a bed base that is the same size as the mattress, so they are more compact than standard bed frames.

The only downside to divans and ottomans is that the solid base eats up visual space under the bed, but this is offset by a smaller footprint and enhanced storage for things like bedding, seasonal clothes and shoes. Divans are available with drawers, while ottomans feature a lift-up top.

Day beds

A day bed is an excellent choice for small guest rooms and studies because it doubles as an extra sleeping space and seating.

Day beds are not the same as sofa beds. Sofa beds are designed to look like sofas, while day beds have a proper mattress and are comfier. If a standard bed would take up too much space in a bedroom, a day bed is a good solution, especially in rooms that serve more than one purpose.

Pictured: Silver Zodial Day Bed With Trundle (available from Bedstar)

Low bed frames

If you don’t want a divan or ottoman, a low bed frame is the next best thing because it gives the illusion of more space in a bedroom.

Low bed frames are synonymous with the futon style, with short feet that bring the mattress close to the floor. This lowers the focal point of your bedroom, creating a sense of space and minimalism that works really well in modern homes.

The downside to low bed frames is the lack of under-bed storage. If you need this, then a metal bed frame is a better option.

Metal bed frames

If you want a standard bed frame, a metal bed with a low footboard in a light colour is a good option. Metal beds are available in contemporary, traditional, and minimalist styles. Steer clear of black frames as these can overpower a small room.

The good thing about standard bed frames is that you can easily find under-bed storage boxes that make the most of unused space.

Pictured: Stone White Julian Bowen Victoria Metal Bed Frame (available from Bedstar)

Guest beds

Guest beds are ideal for children’s bedrooms, combining a single bed with a pull-out bed to sleep two people in comfort.

There are two main types of guest beds: slide-out guest beds, and pop-up guest beds. Slide-out beds pull out from under the main bed, so the pull-out bed is lower, while pop-up beds pull out and pop up to the same height as the main bed.

Compared to bunk beds, guest beds take up less room. A guest bed also has the advantage of not being associated with children’s bedrooms.

Hopefully this guide to the best style of bed for small rooms helps you find the perfect option for your home. How do you make the most of space in a small bedroom?

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