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These outdoor staging tips will increase your property selling price

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Since the COVID19 pandemic, people have begun looking at outdoor living spaces through a new lens. Spending more time outside helped lots of us survive the worst waves of the pandemic and all those weeks of lockdown, and now it’s become a habit that many people want to stick with.

When looking for a new home, most buyers want somewhere with outdoor space that they can make the most of. They are looking for a home where anything that they can do indoors, they will also be able to do outdoors. Ideally, a space for dining, lounging, seating areas, and somewhere for children to play are all at the top of the priority list. 

If you want to sell your home at the best price, then staging the outdoor space is key. Take a look at these tips to help win over your potential buyers.


Create a welcoming entrance

Adding some interest to your home’s entrance is something that you can do quite easily. No matter what kind of home you are selling, spending some time on the entrance is a great way to make better first impressions and give potential buyers a great feeling from the moment they arrive at the house. In fact, buyers will often pay more for a home that has great kerb appeal, even if the entrance isn’t hugely impressive.

If your property looks nice from where they are walking up the garden path, then you are on to a winner. Simple things like giving your front door a fresh coat of paint if it has faded over time, and adding some plants in hanging baskets or pots can make a big difference.

Spruce up the front garden

If you have a front garden, then it’s a good idea to focus on this first when staging the outside of your home for potential buyers.

Mow the lawn, remove weeds, and make sure that all trees and shrubs are neat and pruned. If you have flower beds, breathe new life into them with colourful annual flowers that are suited to the climate.

If you don’t have a front garden, you can still create wow factor with low maintenance container plants.


Create a versatile living space

These days, back gardens need to work harder to meet the diverse needs of people who are looking to spend more time in them than ever before, says property expert Mario from Bernards Real Estate.

When working on your back garden to stage it for selling, it’s a good idea to focus on creating a multi-functional area. People want to treat their back garden as somewhere that they can go and relax for a break, with soft seating around a fire and ample space for lounging. Oversized daybeds are becoming a popular outdoor garden furniture trend, as are hanging hammocks and chairs where people can spend their time working, napping, and everything in between.

If your garden is overlooked, think about adding privacy by replacing your fencing with taller panels, or adding a trellis to screen the patio area.


Add a water feature

A simple water feature can be an inexpensive and effective way to add more serenity to your outdoor space. For example, you could add a small bamboo fountain to a corner of the garden to transform it into a zen retreat.

If a water fountain isn’t in your budget, then a bird bath is another great choice. Not only does it provide the soothing sounds of water, but it will also attract more wild birds to your garden.


Add lighting

Our gardens are becoming more and more an extension of our homes, and outdoor entertaining is hugely popular in the summer months. Adding lighting to your back garden is the best way to prepare it for outdoor entertaining. The good news is that this can be surprisingly easy to do, with a huge range of different solar lighting options that don’t require cabling and don’t cost a penny to run.

Choose string solar lights for a boho vibe, or use pillar lights to illuminate patios, paths and statement plants. You can also add motion sensor lights to your patio for extra security.

Hopefully these tips for staging your outdoor space help you to present your home at its best for buyers, and increase your chances of securing a sale. Have you got any outdoor staging tips for selling your home?

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