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Show your support for Ukraine with sunflowers

This is a collaborative post in partnership with BloomLocal

We’ve all watched in horror as the crisis in Ukraine has worsened over the last two months.  And as I’m sure you are aware, the humanitarian situation is becoming more and more desperate as the war continues.

Millions of people forced from their homes, living without food, water, medical supplies and power.  Whole towns and cities destroyed.  Families split up.  Inhumane treatment of those captured.  And thousands of civilian deaths.

In the face of such shocking facts and news stories, viewed from a distance, it can be hard to believe that any action you take as an individual will make a difference.  But every bit of support, no matter how small, matters.

By supporting charities such as the Red Cross Ukraine crisis appeal, donating essential supplies, and welcoming refugees into our communities, we can all help to continue the work of charities and make our voices heard to support those affected by the war in Ukraine.

You can also show your support by choosing to buy products that involve a donation of profits.  BloomLocal’s Sunny Bloomers bouquet is a good example, with 100% of profits donated to the British Red Cross Ukraine crisis appeal.


Support for Ukraine: the symbolism of sunflowers

The sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower.  The country is the largest exporter of sunflower oil in the world, and usually supplies around 45% of total exports.

This much-loved flower has become the symbol of hope and resistance for the Ukrainian people, and has also been adopted across the globe as a sign of solidarity with those affected by the conflict.  Sunflowers are also traditionally associated with positivity and loyalty, both of which are certainly relevant to a nation facing such dreadful challenges every day.


BloomLocal’s fundraising sunflower bouquet

If you’re buying flowers as a gift or a treat for yourself, please consider the Sunny Bloomers arrangement from BloomLocal.  All the profits from every sale will be donated to the British Red Cross Ukraine crisis appeal.

The bouquet combines golden sunflowers with blue irises to represent the Ukraine flag.  As with all BloomLocal arrangements, you can expect gorgeous fresh flowers and foliage, and your bouquet will be hand-tied by an expert florist and delivered to your door.

As well as looking stunning, it’s a lovely visual way to show your support for Ukraine within your home.  You can find out more about how your donation will help here.


More sunflower resources

If you’re feeling inspired by sunflowers, this is the perfect time of year to grow them from seed.  As well as being real showstoppers, sunflowers are very easy to grow and a fantastic source of food for pollinating insects and local wildlife.  My post on growing sunflowers in pots shows you how to do it.

You might also like to take a look at my list of 100 quotes about sunflowers which is full of inspiring sayings.  If you’re sharing images of sunflowers on social media to support Ukraine they make great captions for your pictures.

BloomLocal have also written a blog post all about sunflowers and their symbolism which you can explore here.

Will you be using sunflowers to show your support for Ukraine?

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