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New or nearly new car: which is the smarter purchase decision?

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When it comes to buying your own car, it’s tempting to go for a new vehicle. A brand new motor has many aspects that appeal: it’s gleaming and shiny, there’s no mileage on the clock, no wear and tear, and of course there’s that great new car smell. But buying a new car isn’t always the best option, especially if your budget is limited.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should hold off on purchasing a new car, and opt, instead, for a nearly new one.


New cars aren’t green

With major climate events taking place around the world, more people are conscious of, and taking steps to reduce, their carbon footprint. New cars are resource heavy: metals and minerals must be mined and processed, and the factory uses tremendous amounts of energy to create the various car parts. Even things like the sleek coat of paint that makes a new car look so good can be harmful to the environment.

Nearly new and second-hand cars tend to be less environmentally damaging. Every year that the car exists following the first year, its impact on the environment is somewhat mitigated. The longer those cars are kept on the roads, the lower their overall impact becomes, making it a positive step to invest in used and nearly new cars over new ones.


New cars cost more

When you buy a new car, the price of the car itself isn’t the only cost. Insurance, for example, is based on the retail price of the car, and so is proportionally higher for new cars than it is for nearly new ones.

You will also find spare parts for new cars tend to be both harder to find and more expensive than for cars that have been on the market for a while. Older models that are on the roads in larger quantities will have created a level of demand which ensures a good supply of parts at reasonable prices.


No MOT (for a while)

Nearly new cars share one advantage with new cars when it comes to the MOT.

All cars over three years old must have an annual MOT test. This can be an inconvenience at the best of times, and a worrying expense at the worst. Nearly new cars – which tend to be anywhere from a few months old to a year old – are usually still comfortably within that three-year window, and thus exempt from needing an MOT soon.

As you can see, there are lots of important factors to weigh up when deciding whether to buy a new or nearly new car. When you’re ready to start shopping, you can buy luxury used cars in Brighton at KAP Motors and find your perfect set of wheels.

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