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Mow For Your Mind with Cobra Garden

This is a collaborative post in partnership with Cobra Garden

For many of us, the last couple of years have taken their toll on wellbeing. As you’ve no doubt read in more than one news story, lots of us are experiencing challenges with mental health as a result.  

Perhaps you’re dealing with this yourself, trying to support a friend or relative who’s struggling, or seeing the effects in the workplace.  Whatever your personal situation, it’s always a good idea to explore ways to improve mental health and boost wellbeing in general, rather than hoping that the problem will just go away.

One simple and accessible tool that we can use to help manage our mental health is gardening.


The mental health benefits of gardening

More and more of us are using gardening and time in nature as a way to switch off, boost our mood, and combat the effects of stress and anxiety.

Immersing yourself in the moment and focusing on a physical task is a powerful tool when it comes to giving your mind a break.  Gardening can also provide a sense of achievement and purpose, which in turn leads to an increase in positive feelings.

Gardening can also be a great way to strengthen social connections.  Volunteering at a community garden, gardening with the kids, or simply chatting to the neighbours over the garden wall are all easy ways to combat feelings of isolation and get that all-important perspective.

And of course, the physical nature of gardening is really good for you too.  As well as helping you to stay fit, physical activity is also a good way to deal with stress hormones.

I’ve been using gardening as a way to take time out and manage stress for years, and I know from personal experience that it really does work.  No matter what’s going on in life, I always feel better after spending some time in the garden – and that’s a pretty amazing resource to have right outside the back door, isn’t it?


Cobra’s Mow For Your Mind campaign

Leading lawnmower manufacturer Cobra are keen to support mental health causes and help people understand the benefits of spending time outdoors and gardening.  With their ‘Mow For Your Mind’ campaign they want to show how the simple act of mowing the lawn can be a great way to switch off and improve your mood.  They’ve created this infographic to share five ways that a lawn mowing session can help you feel better.


So many benefits from something as everyday as mowing the lawn.  And as an added bonus, your garden will look better too!

As part of the Mow For Your Mind campaign, Cobra garden is donating 10% of the total sales of one of its most popular lawnmowers between 4th-15th May 2022 to the mental health charity Mind.  This wonderful charity provides advice and support to those experiencing mental health problems, and campaigns to raise awareness and improve mental health services.


Cobra MX3440V cordless lawnmower

Cobra garden have chosen the award-winning MX3440V lawnmower as their 2022 Mow For Your Mind mower.  It’s a cordless model, powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  This makes it quieter and cleaner than petrol mowers, and really easy to setup and use – perfect for a mindful mowing session.

The rechargeable battery delivers a run time of up to 30 minutes, which is more than enough to tackle a small to medium lawn.  There are five cutting heights to help you take care of your lawn effectively all year round, plus a generous 35 litre grass bag with a full indicator.  The handles fold down too, making this a great option for gardens with limited storage space.


The MX3440V is part of Cobra’s extensive battery powered garden machinery range.  This covers mowers, hedge trimmers, grass strimmers and leaf blowers, all of which are powered by interchangeable lithium-ion batteries.

The Cobra MX3440V cordless mower retails at £232.99.  You can find out more about it and order here.  By choosing this model between 4th-15th May you’ll be helping to provide vital mental health support to those who need it most.


Resources to support mental health

Mental Health Awareness week runs from 9th to 17th May this year.  You can find out more about the event and how you can help to raise awareness here.

You can also find out more about the work Mind does and the support on offer via their website.

Do you use gardening as a way to support your mental health?

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