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How to host a safe gender reveal party

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Gender reveal parties have quickly become one of the most popular ways of sharing the news about the sex of your baby.

Starting in America in 2008, these celebrations quickly gained global interest. Expecting parents found that, instead of simply sharing the happy news on social media, making a family event of it was more fun. One reason for this is because, unlike baby showers which tend to focus on the expectant mum and her friends, gender reveal parties often include dad, older siblings, grandparents, and family friends.

Hosting a gender reveal party does need a bit of planning. Here are a few things to consider to make sure you have a safe gender reveal party.


Think about how to make the big reveal

It’s important to consider the health and safety of your guests when deciding how to reveal the sex of your baby. A popular choice is a gender reveal fireworks box. These single-ignition kits come in pink and blue displays. They can be a good option because you only light the kit once to get a full display of 25 shots. This can be safer than lighting a range of fireworks multiple times. They work in smaller spaces too, with a safe distance of 8 metres (25 feet), making these kits perfect for compact gardens.

If fireworks aren’t your thing, there are alternatives like smoke canisters, confetti, balloons, and pinatas. All have their own risks though. For example, you will need to keep pets away from paper confetti in case they’re tempted to eat it. And pinatas can be fun, especially for older siblings, but there’s a risk of injury from falling treats, a wayward swing of the bat, or the pinata itself.


Food allergies and intolerances

Cakes, finger food, and other treats are staples at gender reveal parties. But not everyone can enjoy them. Bear in mind that some guests might suffer from food allergies or intolerances. Checking with your guests in advance shows that you care about them, and it will help make the event as fun and stress-free as possible. Custom cake makers and caterers will thank you too, as this information makes it easier to source alternative ingredients.



Champagne, prosecco, and other sparkling wines can be fun ways to toast the health of the soon-to-be new arrival and parents. While the expectant mum might abstain, it’s common for others to indulge at gender reveal parties. But, especially when the weather improves and parties take place outside, people can find themselves misjudging the amount they drink. Knowing this, hosts can offer fun alcohol-free choices, such as virgin cocktails or other non-alcoholic drinks, to encourage guests to pace themselves. Having plenty of bottled water on hand is also a good way of helping people stay hydrated, especially when it’s warm.

Gender reveal parties are fun and exciting. With a bit of thought, they can be safe too. What’s your top tip for hosting a gender reveal party?

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