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How to choose the right place for wholesale garden supplies

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If you run a business, it’s always recommended that you purchase your supplies from a wholesaler. If you need a lot of supplies, you can buy them in bulk from a wholesaler to save money and time. This is a good way to keep your expenses down and be efficient with your budget.

If you’re not in the gardening business, wholesale garden supplies could still be worth exploring if you’re working on a major garden renovation project at home. This approach can be particularly useful if you’re gardening on a budget.

If you’ve never bought wholesale garden supplies before, you might not be sure how to find the best place to buy them. This is where the internet is a big help.

Here are some tips to help you narrow down your search for the right garden supplies wholesaler in the UK.


Look at their experience

Start by finding out more about the garden wholesaler you’re considering. Doing your research will allow you to order your wholesale garden supplies from them with confidence.

In particular, take time to read about the company on their website, as well as how much experience they have. The general rule of thumb is that the more experience a wholesaler has, the more trustworthy they are likely to be. For example, Dejex is a garden supplies wholesaler with more than forty years of experience. They’re a family run business that has supplied a variety of growers and businesses over the years, which is a good sign, and they’re also said to be the leading provider of horticulture supplies in the country. Knowing information like this means you can feel confident when you place an order.


Browse their product range

Having a main supplier where you buy most of your supplies can save time and energy. Whether you place an order every month or less frequently, limiting the number of companies you’re dealing with can make things a lot easier.

When you want to find a place to buy wholesale garden supplies, check out the product range on their website first. This will allow you to see if they have everything you’re looking for, and help you identify how many additional suppliers you potentially need to deal with. Taking the time to look at their range could save you having to shop somewhere else later on.

Check out the brands

You probably already have some favourite brands when it comes to your garden supplies; they’re the ones you’ve heard of and know you can rely on for quality. If you’re trying new products and want peace of mind, going for a brand that you know you can depend on will help to limit the risk.

Bear all of this in mind when choosing a wholesaler. Take a look at the brands they are offering to work out whether they’re a good fit for you. If they stock quality, well-known brands, you’re on the right track.


Read customer reviews

If you’ve never ordered from a horticultural wholesaler before, you may be nervous about spending a lot of money. This is understandable, and it’s smart to be cautious; after all, there are plenty of fraudulent online websites out there. So, before you purchase from a company you have found, spend some time reading customer reviews. They are going to be written by consumers or businesses just like you, and seeing what their experience was like can save you a lot of trouble later on.

Wholesalers may choose to feature reviews on their website, or they can be available on social media. You can also Google them and check out independent review websites, this is a good way to see impartial reviews and get a real idea of what you can expect when you order from that company. If you find a lot of negative reviews and they are all similar in content, this should serve as a warning.


Look at delivery options

Naturally, you want the company that you choose for wholesale garden supplies to be able to deliver at a time that suits you. Check that you can work with their lead times, delivery methods, and days of operation. Wholesale companies will often ship with couriers that you recognise, but they might also have local deliveries which could be quicker. Checking these details in advance will ensure you’re not left disappointed.

Hopefully these tips will help you navigate the process of finding the perfect wholesale garden supplier for your project. Do you have any additional ways to make the process run smoothly?

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