Hoover Air Purifier 300 review

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Does anyone in your family suffer with airborne allergies?

Pollen, dust mites and pet hair are all common airborne allergens, and recent trends indicate that more and more of us are becoming sensitive to what’s in the air around us.

I know from personal experience just how miserable an airborne allergy can make you feel.  I suffer from a pretty bad grass pollen allergy, and spend most of the warmer months fighting off a streaming nose, itchy eyes and endless sneezing.  As well as being a general pain to deal with, my allergy can make it hard to sleep and affect my ability to concentrate.

It’s hugely helpful if I can escape to a space where the air doesn’t trigger my pollen allergy, to give my body a break and ease my symptoms.  Air conditioned environments are good, and I even go for a drive to take advantage of the car’s A/C when the symptoms are really bad.

My husband also suffers with hay fever, plus he’s allergic to dust mites, so he’s dealing with symptoms all year round.  The dust allergy never really goes away, and he’s definitely feeling the effects of not working in an air conditioned office now that he’s working from home more often.

Add in the fact that we have a pet cat, and you can understand why we’ve been thinking about ways to improve the air quality in our home to benefit us both.

We’ve been trying out the Hoover *H-Purifier 300 over the last few weeks, to see if it made a difference to our allergies.


How the Hoover Air Purifier 300 can help with airborne allergies

Using an air purifier is a simple way to make allergens easier to manage in the home.  They remove small allergy-triggering particulates such as pollen, dust and pet dander from the air, creating a more neutral environment that helps reduce your symptoms.

How the Hoover Air Purifier 300 works

The Hoover Air Purifier 300 has a triple layer HEPA filtration system which removes 99.9% of allergens such as dust, pollen, pet hair and bacteria, plus fumes, cooking smells and cigarette smoke.  It also has a carbon monoxide sensor.

The H-Purifier 300 can purify the air of a 20 square metre room in just ten minutes, and is recommended by the British Allergy Foundation.  You can operate it via the control panel on the top, or with the hOn App which has additional features.

The Hoover Air Purifier 300 has an RRP of £349 and you can find out more about it here.


Setting up the H-Purifier 300

Setup is very straightforward.  The product is supplied assembled, although it’s worth noting that you need to remove the plastic cover from the filter before use.

The H-Purifier 300 is mains powered, so you need access to a plug socket.  The cable length is generous, and has a velcro strap to keep any excess tidy.

You can change the brightness of the display lights, or turn them off completely – this last option is great when using the unit at night in a bedroom. There’s also a child lock function, and it even tells you when the filter needs cleaning or replacing.


Using the hOn App with the H-Purifier 300

The hOn App allows you to control a wide range of Hoover products from your smartphone.  If you’re not already using it, you will need to download it and set up an account. This is straightforward and only takes a couple of minutes.  Once that’s done, the app takes you through the process of connecting to your wi-fi and pairing with your product.  Again, I found this to be simple and quick.

When your air purifier is paired with the app, you can operate it via the ‘indoor’ control panel.  This means you don’t need to be anywhere near the unit to change the controls – you don’t even need to be in the same room as it’s all done over the wi-fi.

Operating the Hoover Air Purifier 300

When you turn the H-Purifier 300 on, it analyses the air quality and lights up the LED ring on the control panel.  Green indicates good air quality, yellow is moderate, orange is poor and red is bad.  The unit then enters Auto mode and starts purifying the air.


Auto Mode & Max Mode

We use the H-Purifier on Auto mode most of the time.  It’s a ‘switch on and forget about it’ option which takes all the effort out of managing air quality in a room.

In Auto mode, the fan speed is adjusted according to the air quality, guaranteeing an optimal level of purification.  We tested this by using an aerosol spray in the room; this quickly triggered the unit into a more powerful fan speed.

After 30 minutes the unit enters Eco mode which pauses purifying and monitors air quality, switching back on when required.  This is a great feature as it saves on energy use and means if you forget to turn it off it’s not running endlessly.

You can also switch to Max mode for a powerful boost.  This is a really useful function when allergy symptoms are bad and you need to create a neutral environment fast.  We also use it in our kitchen diner to deal with cooking smells; it came in very handy when we had a major burnt toast incident!

Sleep Mode

This mode is fantastic if, like me, your allergies keep you awake at night.  In Sleep mode, the H-Purifier operates at the lowest silent power setting – and it really is very quiet.  I struggle to fall asleep if there’s noise in the room, but having the H-Purifier on in Sleep mode has never been a problem.

Using the H-Purifier in the bedroom overnight has definitely reduced our symptoms and helped both of us to sleep better.


Pollen Allergy Mode

This function can only be activated via the hOn App, and only works in Auto mode.

You need to set up an allergic profile on the app by answering a few questions that confirm your allergen triggers.  The app will then monitor outdoor pollen concentration continuously, and make the unit work automatically to maximise pollen capturing performance.

If the pollen allergy lamp on the control panel is white, there is no pollen allergy risk outdoors.  If it turns yellow this means the app has detected a pollen risk and is adjusting performance accordingly.

As you can imagine, I set up pollen allergy mode straight away and it has been running ever since.    There’s no guesswork about the best setting to choose; the purifier does all the work for you.

This mode also monitors outdoor air pollution levels.  When these are high our allergies are always worse, so this is going to be really useful information to have.


Carbon Monoxide Sensor

The H-Purifier 300 also monitors the air for Carbon Monoxide – this is a nice add-on feature that I wasn’t really expecting from an air purifier.  If all is well, the CO Alert LED is green.  If it detects CO2, an alarm sounds and the CO Alert button and LED ring flash red.  For peace of mind, you can test it’s working by pressing and holding the button for three seconds.


For us, the ability to use an air purifier at home to make the air cleaner in more than one room is really important.  The H-Purifier 300 allows us to do this easily.  I really like the fact that there are two handles in the top section of the unit, plus it’s not very heavy.

We alternate between using it in our main living spaces downstairs, our home office, and our bedroom.  Having the flexibility to do this means we can improve the air quality in more of our home, rather than just relying on one room to be allergen-free.

Our verdict

We’re very happy with our Hoover Air Purifier 300.  It was easy to setup, it’s simple to operate, we can move it from room to room, and the Auto mode allows us to be very hands-off.

Most importantly, it has made a real difference to our allergy symptoms.  We’re both experiencing less discomfort while we’re in our home, and being able to use the unit overnight is a game-changer when it comes to sleep quality.

It’s not the smallest of appliances to find room for in your home, but given how useful we’re finding it I can live with that.

We’ll certainly continue to use it on a daily basis; it’s a really useful tool for managing our allergies all year round.

Do you think an air purifier could help you manage airborne allergy symptoms?

Hoover Direct supplied me with the Air Purifier 300 for review purposes.  All comments and opinions are honest and based on my experience of using the products.

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