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Fun garden entertaining ideas

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Whatever the size of your garden, you probably like the idea of using your outdoor space to entertain and relax.

Whether you’re keen on hosting barbecues, laid-back gatherings, or more formal events, there are lots of easy ways to make your garden a great place to welcome visitors, or simply enjoy some outdoor time with the family.

Here are some fun garden entertaining ideas to help you host in style outdoors.


Brighten things up

You can use bright and vibrant colours to give your garden an instant lift.

DIY projects such as making new chair cushions or painting the shed in a bold colour are fun to tackle and will have lots of impact. This is the perfect area to get the kids involved too; perhaps they could paint or upcycle some plant pots, or make some colourful garden markers to brighten up the borders?

Add a swing chair

An arbour swing seat is brilliant for extending the amount of time you can use the garden. They usually have built-in shades that allow you to stay outside without being exposed to the sun, and can also provide some shelter from the elements. They’re ideal for keeping kids busy in the shade too. And of course, the adults can enjoy a relaxing seat as well!

Get the seating area right

Whether you’re planning a casual little barbecue, or a classy get-together, getting the seating right in your outdoor space is critical.

Even if you don’t have a designated outdoor seating area, simple folding chairs or sun loungers can provide plenty of space to entertain and relax in your backyard.

Mismatched pieces in different colours and styles create a fun and relaxed atmosphere, especially if they’re low-lying. Beanbags and plush, oversized cushions are perfect for a chilled vibe, and you can move them around easily to suit the number of guests.

Add a barbecue

Quick and easy food is ideal for warm-weather socialising. As a result, the addition of a barbecue to your garden is always a good idea when it comes to entertaining.

If you don’t have the space or budget for a large and bulky design, you can always buy a portable barbecue and squeeze it into a corner of your yard.


Create a private area

Not keen on being watched by the neighbours while enjoying some outdoor time? Surrounding your garden with a plant wall allows you to create a sense of cosiness and privacy without limiting access for local wildlife.

Bamboo is a popular choice for garden privacy, because it’s versatile and fast-growing. It does tend to take over in the garden though, so you may want to consider keeping it confined to a container. Other good options for privacy hedging include laurel and privet, both of which will grow pretty quickly.

Install raised flower beds

Raised flower beds are great for adding a variety of height levels to the garden. They also make gardening easier, because they eliminate the need to bend or kneel. Raised beds bring the plants closer to you and your guests too, making them easier to admire.

You can design the retaining walls of your flower bed to double up as seating. To do this, they must have broad flat-stone tops at chair height; angle the stones back into the flower bed ever so slightly to allow the stone to dry faster after showers. This design trick lets you seat more people in your garden without clogging it up with extra chairs, and you can add cushions to provide both comfort and decoration.


Buy a new shed

Buying a new shed, or using a shed to create a garden entertaining room, are both ways to make your outdoor space more appealing to guests.

The cost of building a shed in your garden will vary depending on where you live, the materials you choose, and the size of the shed.

The average cost of installing a new shed is likely to be between £500 and £1200. A metal shed of average size will most likely cost between £200 and £700. A typical-sized plastic shed will likely cost between £285 and £700.

A 6-foot x 4-foot shed costs around £500 to £700. An 8-foot x 6-foot shed will cost around £700 to £900, and a 12-foot x 8-foot shed will likely cost between £1,000 and £1,200. Some relatively small sheds may cost less than £300, whereas a more oversized shed, such as a large wooden workshop, may cost more than £2,000.

Metal sheds

Metal sheds are in most cases made of steel or aluminium. This type of shed is often the most affordable, ranging from around £200 to £700. As part of the total, the labour costs will most likely range between £60 and £140.

Plastic garden sheds

A plastic garden shed is typically made of vinyl. However, they are sometimes made of resin or structural components. The cost of a plastic shed is typically between £285 and £700, which includes labour costs ranging from £60 to £140.

Wooden sheds

Most wooden sheds are made of low-cost softwoods such as spruce or pine. Wooden sheds are typically the most expensive type of shed, with prices ranging between £500 and £1200. The total labour costs will most likely range between £260 and £300.

Add an outdoor kitchen

The days of an outdoor kitchen consisting of only a grill, a side burner, and possibly a refrigerator is long gone. Instead, homeowners with plenty of outdoor space are creating larger outdoor kitchens with more components. This is part of a more significant trend of consumers investing in their home’s exterior, and converting their garden into a living space.

An outdoor kitchen can take several forms. It can be a simple setup with a barbecue grill, mini-fridge, a tiny quantity of countertops, and a sink area. However, it can also be much larger and more luxurious, with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, multiple grills, pizza ovens, and even a dishwasher.

If you enjoy outdoor cooking and entertainment, have ample outdoor space, and have a healthy budget for home improvements, you should consider upgrading to an outdoor kitchen. Adding one to your garden is a great way to improve your outdoor experience, whether you want to spend more time outside or use it for garden entertaining.

Furthermore, if your outdoor kitchen is constructed with high-quality materials and products, it will last a long time. Look for components that have been designed for outdoor use, as they will be able to cope with harsh weather conditions.

Have you incorporated any of these garden entertaining ideas into your outdoor space?

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