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If you work from home, or have kids who need to study, you’ve probably got a desk somewhere in the house.  More of us are working from home than ever before, and when you squeeze a home office into an existing room layout it isn’t always easy to create a comfortable desk area.

I work from home, and spend several hours a day sitting at my desk.  I try to take regular breaks when I move around, and I think about my posture when sitting, but inevitably I often end up in a less than ideal position for too long.  Using a mouse only adds to the problem.  After sitting at my desk all day it’s not unusual for me to feel creaky, with a stiff lower back and tight neck and shoulders.

If you’re feeling the effects of sitting at a less-than-perfect desk setup, an ergonomic standing desk could make all the difference.

I’ve been wondering about whether a standing desk could benefit me for a while now. When the team at FlexiSpot asked me to review one of their desks I was keen to try it out.


The benefits of using a standing desk

The human body isn’t designed to sit down for long periods of time.  We’re much better equipped for standing, as this allows our joints to support the body in a natural way.  Sitting down puts pressure on a whole host of joints, muscles and tendons, leading to poor posture and aches and pains.  If you sit at a desk to work, this is probably all sounding very familiar!

As well as helping to avoid back pain, standing up to work can also have other health benefits.

It’s thought that standing up after eating can help to reduce blood sugar spikes, so there may be a benefit in terms of type 2 diabetes risk.  Spending less time sitting and more time standing is also associated with a lower risk of developing heart disease.  Studies have also suggested that working at a standing desk can improve mood, energy levels and productivity.

Not sure about making the switch to a standing desk, or just want some flexibility when it comes to using your workstation? A height adjustable standing desk could be the perfect option.


FlexiSpot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk 

The Comhar FlexiSpot Standing Desk is a multi-functional desk with built-in storage and USB charging.  It can be adjusted to a range of heights, so it’s ideal for multiple users and for either standing or sitting when working.

Features of the Comhar FlexiSpot Standing Desk 

The Comhar standing desk measures 120cm x 60cm, with an adjustable height range of 72cm-121cm.  It’s available in black or white and currently retails at £449.99.


The top of the desk is finished in tempered glass with rounded edges.  As well as looking smart, this makes it smooth to work on and really durable.

The front panel of the desk features a built-in drawer, plus the control panel and three handy USB ports (two type A and one type C).


There are four programmable height presets, allowing you to store a height setting for different users.  In addition, you can manually adjust the desk height to suit whatever you’re doing.

The weight capacity of this desk is 110 pounds.  This shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re putting really heavy monitors or equipment on it.

The Comhar FlexiSpot Standing Desk comes with a 5 year warranty on the frame, and a 3 year warranty on the desktop and electronics.


Setting up the Comhar FlexiSpot Standing Desk

The desk is supplied flat-packed, and requires some basic assembly.  You only need an allen key to put it together, and this tool is included.

Assembly is a simple job of attaching the feet, frame and desktop together.  It has adjustable feet so it’s able to cope with uneven floors.


It took us 10 minutes to assemble the desk from start to finish.


My experience of using the FlexiSpot Comhar Standing Desk

We’ve used the FlexiSpot desk in a few different ways so far.  I’ve put it through its paces as a standing desk, and also with a chair, and we’ve used it as a stand for musical instruments and recording equipment.

The desk looks and feels good quality.  I really like the modern design, and the glass top helps it to blend in with other furniture and look less like a desk.

It’s very heavy, so it’s not easy to move it around, but I like the fact that it’s a solid piece of furniture. I wouldn’t be comfortable using expensive pieces of tech on a desk that felt flimsy.


The desk takes up very little floor space, thanks to the slim legs and feet.  This makes it ideal for small rooms, and a good option for when you need to squeeze a desk into an existing room design.

I’m pleased with the inclusion of USB ports at the front. This makes it quick and easy to charge devices, and reduces the need for plug sockets near the desk.  I also like the fact that the control panel has a lock function to prevent children from operating it and changing presets.


The drawer is a handy feature; not all standing desks have one.  It’s great for stashing away stationery and keeping a larger area of the desk clear; this is particularly useful when more than one person is using the desk.


The height adjustment is very easy to control, and the motor is pretty smooth and quiet.  The range is 49cm. The height of the people who used it for this review ranges from 102cm to 178cm, and all of us found it easy to adjust the desk to the ideal height when sitting and standing.  I suspect those with a smaller height and very tall users may struggle to achieve an optimum setup.

When it comes to comfort, I’m definitely noticing less aches and pains now that I’m standing at my desk on a regular basis. I still sit down to work sometimes, so having the flexibility to do this is brilliant.

I have found that the crossbar at the base of the legs can interfere with your foot placement when you sit down at the desk. Presumably it’s positioned where it is to provide stability, but personally I would find the desk more comfortable to use when sitting if this crossbar was positioned towards the top of the legs instead.


Comhar FlexiSpot Standing Desk: My verdict

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk is easy to set up, and the finished desk is sturdy and flexible enough for all our family’s needs.  I would definitely prefer the crossbar to be higher, but there are plenty of other features that I really like, including the easy-access USB ports, tempered glass top and modern design. Adjusting the desk height is quick and simple, and with three different people using it this is a big plus for me.

Put simply, the FlexiSpot Comhar Standing Desk is a stylish home desk that can be used in a variety of ways.  If you’re looking for an electric height adjustable desk at the lower end of the price range it’s definitely worth considering.  You can find out more about the Comhar desk here. Flexispot also have a new Northampton warehouse celebration sale at the moment, with up to 38% off until June 30th.

Would a standing desk help you to stay active while working from home?

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FlexiSpot supplied me with the Comhar Standing Desk for review purposes.  All comments and opinions are honest and based on my experience of using the product.

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