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Can a professional cleaning service help to reduce stress?

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Stress is an area of mental health that affects pretty much everyone at some point. In recent years we’ve seen a shift towards discussing mental wellness more openly, and this is definitely a positive move towards helping us all to manage stressful situations.

The workplace, family issues, and finances can all play a role in causing stress levels to rise. According to a study by the Mental Health Foundation, 74% of UK adults suffer from stress so badly that they find it overwhelming at times.

Your home can also cause stress in certain situations. And something as simple as keeping a home clean and tidy can easily be a source of stress, particularly when life is busy and demanding.


Why would stress levels rise due to house cleaning?

Keeping a home clean is a basic task for most people, but this doesn’t mean it’s easy or stress-free.

Having a home that experiences high levels of traffic can be overwhelming when it comes to cleaning. Children and pets can both unintentionally add to the work involved in keeping a home clean.

Ironically though, the actual activity involved in cleaning could be beneficial when it comes to managing stress.

Does cleaning reduce stress?

One of several everyday tips for managing stress in the home is doing a spot of cleaning. 

Exercise is a brilliant way to combat stress. And while light dusting is unlikely to burn off many calories, some cleaning activities are a little more vigorous. Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, polishing, beating rugs, and general cleaning all require you to move about and get active.

The end result of a thorough clean can also be rewarding in itself. This can amount to something of a stress reliever, and promote positive feelings of achievement and contentment.

Playing music while cleaning or getting the kids to join in can make an everyday task more enjoyable. This will also help to reduce stress.


Why would a professional cleaner help reduce stress further?

If your stress is related to financial problems, then hiring a professional cleaning service might not seem like the best idea. Nevertheless, there are occasions when it may make sense.

Firstly, if you are due to leave a rented property, hiring an end-of-tenancy Cleaner Cleaner service could ensure your security deposit is returned. Moving out is stressful enough without the worry of performing a thorough clean of the home too.

Secondly, if you have a job, or are just time-strapped, using a professional cleaning service can help take the weight off your shoulders. Worrying about how you will clean the home while juggling all your other tasks can add to stress levels.

Letting someone do the cleaning without your involvement means there’s one less thing to worry about. It can also free up some time for you to enjoy activities and hobbies that help to combat stress.


How can an unclean home cause stress?

Ignoring the cleaning can increase the amount of stress you experience.

According to Psychology Today, clutter can be a major factor in the causes of stress in the home.

Once a home gets to a point of having a lot of clutter, and not being properly cleaned, it can simply become overwhelming.

Clutter can cause an individual to lose focus, and be unable to concentrate. This then leads to more stress. Clutter can also make it hard to relax physically, which then hinders mental wellness.

In addition, some people may find themselves unable to sleep through having guilt at not keeping their home clean and tidy. Lack of sleep is well-documented as a major cause of mental health problems, including stress.

Not cleaning a home can also have an impact on other areas of a family’s health.


How else does a cluttered and unclean home hinder health?

Not cleaning your home can affect your physical health too. Dust mites for instance are a very common problem in homes. They are easy to control, but can cause allergic reactions such as skin irritation, itchy eyes and blocked or runny noses. In more severe instances dust mites can also trigger asthma attacks.

In addition to allergens, mould can quickly develop indoors. Mould can directly affect the physical health of anyone living in the property. Professional cleaning can go deeper than the average home cleaning and help to remove these concerns.

And of course, when someone suffers from physical health problems it can start to affect their mental wellness too. Dealing with repeated reactions to allergens can easily cause stress.


Making cleaning easier to reduce stress

If you feel like the cleaning is beginning to get on top of you, then it’s time to find ways to make things easier. There are plenty of tips online for quick and easy kitchen cleaning, or how to clean more effectively.

If money is a concern, then look for tips on how to clean using household goods. Instead of buying expensive cleaning products, you may be able to use things that you already have in the store cupboard.

It’s also a good idea to tackle the cleaning one job at a time. Write a list of cleaning tasks, and make a plan for when you will work on each one. As you tick things off the list and see your progress making a difference, you may find that your stress levels starts to drop.

Clutter, mess, and uncleanliness in the home can be big factors when it comes to stress. Being able to manage the household cleaning effectively can be a great way to alleviate stress in the home, while also achieving a sense of accomplishment. Employing a professional cleaning service can also be beneficial if you simply don’t have the time to clean; delegation is a great stress-reliever.

How do you stay on top of the cleaning and reduce stress in your home?

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