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A quick guide to home solar panels

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Are you keen to make your home more green when it comes to energy use?

In the face of the climate crisis many of us are making lifestyle changes to reduce our impact on the planet. Fitting home solar panels is one way to make your home less reliant on traditional forms of power supply.

As an added bonus, solar panels can also save you money on your annual energy bills. The sun luckily never runs out or switches off, and there are ways to work around it in overcast weather.

The idea of installing home solar panels can make people nervous, largely due to a lack of knowledge on how the system works. If you’re not sure what’s involved, here are some answers to the main questions you might be asking.


How much will I spend on a new set of home solar panels?

The best approach when starting to consider home solar panels is to not look at pricing until you’ve done some number crunching.

You should start by working out an estimate of how much you spend on electricity bills per year, then weigh this up against what you are set to gain.

The quality, the actual cost of the solar panels, the number of panels, and the battery size you need will determine your expenses.

The output of home solar panels depends on size, location, capacity and weather. Solar panel companies should be able to provide you with the details as part of the quote process.


Is there a solar panel company near me that is all-inclusive? 

When looking at different suppliers of home solar panels, never go with the first one you find. Instead, do your research on other companies in your area, look at reviews, and talk to recent customers if possible. You should aim to get quotes from at least three different companies.

The installer should be able to demonstrate extensive knowledge and provide all the details about the process. Your quote should include a big enough battery to keep your solar system up and running, day and night. It’s also worth checking that any work carried out will meet environmental due diligence reviews, to avoid any issues when selling or remortgaging your property in the future.

Another critical component is your roof. The panels and extra fittings can be cumbersome, and your roof will have to be in pristine condition, recently checked and with some guarantee of having at least another ten years to its lifespan.


Have you thought about these elements?

It’s important to find the right company that takes care of your financial interests, as well as your practical needs. If a solar power system that is from the best solar panels company is out of your budget at the moment, don’t dismiss the idea permanently. Switching to solar power will be worth it in the long run, so you might like to explore the idea of setting up a savings plan to bring you closer to your goal.

The contractor you employ should be someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, and who knows your area well. It is critical to install a system that will work for your environment and weather conditions. If you find a contractor from further afield you might end up regretting it later.

Solar systems are expensive, and the installation process isn’t a small job. It’s a pretty major home project to tackle, but if you’re patient with the process and go with a good supplier you can make your home more eco-friendly and enjoy savings on energy costs for years to come.

Have you installed solar panels in your home?

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